Rescue Date

13th December 2008


Hello my name is Cinnamon Chicken and I am an Isa Brown hen.  Isa Brown chickens are the most popular laying hen around.  Me and my friends here at Edgar’s Mission are lucky chickens as we are not stuck in a cage, we get to see the sunshine and scratch around in the soil and do all things that are really important to us chickens.  But this wasn’t always the case for me.

I arrived here at Edgar’s Mission rather underweight and frightened.  You see I had been rescued from a horrible battery cage into which I had been placed with several other hens, they too were very scared. We did not even have room to stretch our wings and our feet would get sore from standing on wire all day and night.  We became stressed because we could not do any of the things that are important to us chickens, like laying our eggs in private on a lovely nest or dust bathing.  Gee dust bathing is fun, you should try it some day.

Oh, it makes me shudder just to think of what life was like to never see the sun or feel the ground.  But today my feathers have grown back as has my confidence.  I love running up to my human friends to see what treats they have for me, everyone here is so kind to us chickens and they make us feel so special.

Do you have a favorite movie?  Mine is “Chicken Run”.  It would be amazing to see it happen in real life, until then I can only dream of freedom for my not so lucky cousins…