Rescue Date

9th September 2008


My name is Claudette and I came to this wonderful place on the 9th of July 2008.  I had been on the run for over 8 weeks before this.  I was captured in an outer Eastern Melbourne suburb and I was totally terrified of humans as some people had been very cruel to me.  I didn’t trust anyone.  At first I didn’t even trust the folk here at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary.  Somehow whilst I was on the run one of  my horns had broken off very close to my skull.   It bled and bled, I had dried blood all over my face and my exposed horn bud was very very sore, this pain made me even more scared of everything.

Once I was captured I did my best to flee but I couldn’t.   I was taken to a Melbourne based Animal Hospital where they treated my horn and fed and watered me but they said I couldn’t stay there.  They were unsure of where they could send me as I was just so scared of everything.  Someone even suggested I should be put to sleep, I didn’t understand this.  Perhaps they knew I had trouble sleeping at nights because I would remember all the awful things that had happened to me.  When people would come to check on me during the day I would tremble with fear, sometimes I got so scared I would stand on my back legs and charge at the humans before they even had a chance to do anything awful to me just like those other people had done.

Then someone thought to call Edgar’s Mission.  They said sure they would take me, but I don’t think they ever thought I could be as traumatised as I was.  They said my physical injuries would soon heal very well but it would be the psychological damage that will be the real test of my recovery.

At first I was absolutely terrified here also, I would just tremble uncontrollably whenever anyone came near me.  I would even try to jump out of the stable to flee.  But the people here were so kind and patient, they would often just come and sit in my stall with me and let me sniff them.  I have decided that this one lady, she always wears a cap, is really nice.  She is my buddy and she takes me for walks.  I trust her, but I am still not sure about the others.

So if you come to visit me please be patient, it may take a while for me to trust you too, but I will still call you my buddy.  We all need good buddies right?