Rescue Date

15th April 2013


I Get Knocked Down But I Get Up Again – Meet Coco

A difficult birth saw oxygen flow between mother and newborn compromised, leaving the tiny black faced lamb with a physical disability that sees her movements somewhat askew.  Walking with a stagger and standing with a sway, little Coco won’t let these things get her down.  Despite the fact that excitement generally causes her to topple, the tiny ewe draws a breath, rights herself and is soon off again. But there will be no flock life for Coco, as the rough and tumble of a large herd could prove fatal.  So for now she will spend her days in our Special Needs Sheep Paddock, along with the vision impaired but equally adorable Bubbles and Babe and the determined and handsome Charles Darwin.

It is human instinct to wish to rush to the aid of Coco, as it is whenever many of us see an animal in need. Her presence pulls at heartstrings as does the knowledge of the unfair hand she has been dealt. But the world as she sees it is her world and within this world she not only copes, she makes the most of every opportunity and relishes the chance to have a life worth living, even if it means taking each day one wobbly step at a time.  If only we could all be so uncomplaining.