Rescue Date

19th November 2012


How much is that duckie in the window?

We’ve all heard the tragic phrase, ‘how much is that doggie in the window?’ and our society and millions of hapless hounds know all too well the sad reality of this.  Cute puppy morphs in boisterous shoe chewing canine and the novelty is gone. With our community already struggling to cope with the burgeoning number of unwanted cats and dogs it now seems we are adding more and more species to the mix.  The recently surrendered and adorably cute Coco Duckling being in this number.  Purchased on a whim by a school girl who soon realised she could no longer care for her, Coco was passed from school friend to school friend.  Realising that ‘pass the duckling’ was no life for a sweet little creature the call was made to Edgar’s Mission.

Mother Nature knows best and so too does mother ducks who would teach their brood important life lessons for up to 12 weeks before the ducklings become fully independent.  So the task now falls to her human care givers at Edgar’s Mission.  Until Coco’s water repellent feathers emerge she will be vulnerable to the elements.  With no protective mother duck’s wing to retreat under the need is great to ensure Coco is protected from the elements and never feels lonely.  So if we are a little slow to answer the phone or return your email we trust you will understand.