Daffy and Xena

Rescue Date

20th December 2012


Rubber Ducky, You’re the One…

Meet Xena the Princess Warrior Duck and the affable Daffy Duck, two recent arrivals to Edgar’s Mission. But more about them later…

While cute rubber ducks have become synonymous with bathing in Western culture, ironically for most of Australia’s aquatic feathered creatures water a plenty is quite literally the last thing they will ever see. Despite being essential for the good health and wellbeing of ducks; to cleanse eyes and flush respiratory systems, most of this nation’s 6.5 million ducks killed each year for human consumption will only ever catch a glimpse of water when, in their final moments of life, they are shackled upside down and their heads are immersed in water filled electrical stun baths. Raised in vast sheds, modern day factory farming methods have rapidly been applied to ducks, robbing them of any meaningful life and saddling them with an existence far removed from their wild cousins; so much so that most domestic ducks cannot even fly.

But truth in labelling is catching up to community expectations as the recent decision by the Federal Court ordering Pepe’s Ducks to pay $400,000 in penalties for misleading “open range” claims shows. Sadly, truth in labelling does not go far enough to show when a product comes from an animal whose life was as precious to them as yours is to you and who most certainly did nothing to deserve the harsh and brief existence they endured.

Now back to our lucky duckies. Xena and Daffy are most fortunate to have escaped the grisly fates that awaited them. The friendly Xena, flying aloft neighbourhood fences and taunting dogs was rescued by a caring soul who took her to a local vet clinic. Dear little Daffy was purchased from a livestock market and taken to be raised as a child’s pet in suburbia. Thankfully for Daffy, her human carers quickly realised that a life spent caged within a suburban backyard is no life at all for a duck and decided to surrender her to a local animal rescue charity. Alas the organisation was all too familiar with such stories and was already overrun with unwanted and unclaimed cats and dogs that the best they could offer was three days in a holding pen. Unless a new home was found in that time, life would be no more for Daffy. Horrified at the fate awaiting the young duck, frantic calls were made until the number of Edgar’s Mission was found. Whilst we are very pleased that we have been able to offer a safe, secure and happy life to Xena and Daffy, it is greatly disturbing that all too often people dive into the deep end and do not fully consider the life or lack thereof that they are able to afford gentle little souls like these two.

If only animals could have wings and could use them to fly off into the wide blue yonder… But until that day comes along, their only hope for a life worth living remains with us. By just opening our eyes and listening to our hearts we may just hear the drumbeat of a kindred spirit begging for mercy. Either that or it may just be the dog scratching at the door for dinner. Either way you’re the one…