Rescue Date

5th June 2016


I’ll give you a daisy a day …

It was a day given to kindness when a newborn kid goat was found hugging coldness and the side of a creek embankment. Knowing the wee creature would surely die, if not from hypothermia then from predation or starvation, a desperate race was on to find just the right place for Daisy to flourish. And flourish she most certainly has. She was surrendered into our care with her wet umbilical cord telling us we had but a matter of hours to ensure life-enhancing colostrum was delivered to one very hungry little tummy. With her will to live at an inverse proportion to her size, it was not long before little Daisy sprouted to life, love and jump-jumps as only a kid goat can.

Over and over, it is the stories of kind hearts rescuing animals in need such as Daisy that remind us of the goodness of the human heart and that we are programmed to care. The tragedy for most farmed animals is that their suffering is in silence and hidden from both public view and scrutiny. However, it is through our telling of their stories that we pray we can bring animals out of the dark and into the hearts and minds of millions, knowing that the love of animals is truly worth at least a daisy a day.