Arrival Date

11th June 2005


While Daisy may have looked like just another unassuming pig she was actually a movie star, plucked from the obscurity of a factory farm to play Wilbur in EB White’s classic “Charlotte’s Web”. Such a stroke of luck meant that unlike her not so lucky cousins she would never be a piglet making machine nor, like her brothers, turned into bacon. At the end of the production of the movie Paramount Pictures entrusted Animals Australia to find homes for all the 42 little piglets in the movie. Ensuring they would have happy and healthy lives surrounded by humans who would love and care for them. This was no easy task, and pigs were given wings as they were flown around the country to their new families. One pig even went to live on Flinders Island!

Daisy sadly passed away on the 20th September, 2010. Her life until then was rich and full, as all pigs should have, sleeping in straw, rooting in the soil and wallowing in the mud, oh and eating like a pig! Daisy was a very amicable and endearing pig; her ability to quickly learn tasks was indicative of the intelligence of pigs.

An oft times quoted study of intelligence had humans come at the top, although this may have a lot to do with their framing of the study. Non-human primates came in second, third were dolphins and whales with good old pigs coming in fourth while dogs had to settle for thirteenth!

Daisy would often be found about the farm sleeping in some little nook or cranny she and her buddy Alice had found. Relaxing in the pleasure of their impromptu siesta making gentle ‘nff nff’ sounds to the world. Oft times we had opened a stable to find the two curled up inside, dreaming peacefully, after all who said humans were the only ones capable of dreaming? And our bet is all pigs dream for a life like Daisy led!

Daisy was one of the friendliest and loving animals we have ever encountered and she will be sorely missed by both her human and animal friends here at Edgar’s Mission.