Dame Edna

Rescue Date

8th September 2013


“Hello, Possums!” It’s Dame Edna Everage.

She may lack the lilac coloured hair, the eccentric ‘face furniture’ and the bejewelled gowns of her human namesake, but there can be no doubt that our Dame Edna Everage too is one of Moonee Ponds’ most celebrated residents. Well, at least that is most certainly the case here at Edgar’s Mission.

More and more often we are sadly hearing of the plight of domestic ducks and geese who have been abandoned on public waterways. For a myriad of reasons, these innocent creatures, ill equipped for a life in the wild, soon find themselves fighting for survival, often with dire results. You see, for a bird who is unable to camouflage, unable to fly freely in order to escape predators and who is at risk of culling to avoid interbreeding between domestic and wild species, a long term, happy and healthy survival in the wild is rare indeed.

And so, it was a Good Samaritan who happened upon a female Pekin duck paddling her way through a Moonee Ponds waterway. Realising that the white feathered, orange billed creature was not suited to such an environment, in an epic display of kindness and dedication, our Good Samaritan took to her canoe and soon brought the bird to safety.  With the call made to Edgar’s Mission, the fate of this creature was soon looking much brighter indeed.

And while the pond she took to upon her arrival here at the sanctuary was a far cry from the suburb from which she hailed, there could be no mistaking Dame Edna Everage Duck’s happy quacks of greeting. “Hello possums,” indeed!