Rescue Date:

16th May 2011


Dandy was found wandering the streets of Essendon, a tiny, fluffy, yellow chick and handed in to the local veterinarian. How he got to be in such a predicament and doing such a poor job of directing traffic we are unsure. At first we were a little unsure as to what breed or even sex of duck was our dear Dandy but as days rolled on the truth came out. Dandy was in fact a ‘he’ and he was a Pekin Duck. These ducks find their origins in China and are primarily used for eggs and meat, naturally neither of those would be happening to our Dandy duck!

It is very difficult to determine the sex of Pekin ducks when they are young but as they grow the males can be distinguished by a curled tail feather and they become less vocal and they are known as drakes. Female Pekins are simply called ducks and have no curled tail feather and quack rather loudly and neither sex wishes to become dinner!