Rescue Date

22nd June 2015


A reason to live

On the 22nd of June, an aging ewe we were soon to christen Dawn was surrendered into our care.  Weak and unable to stand, our hearts began to race as we knew our work would be cut out finding for her, a reason to live.  We were soon to learn that Dawn had recently given birth to twin lambs, however due to her illness she had been unable to feed them. Working against the odds we were able to secure the release of the baby girls and they soon were Edgar’s Mission bound.  But would they recognise each other?

Very few things in life can break the bond between mother and child, and this instance was no different. As soon as Dawn heard the bleats of her babies she pricked her ears and turned her head in their direction as they raced towards their mother.  All three, united in the thought they would never see the other again.  Dawn is by no means out of the woods. However, she has just been cast the greatest lifeline ever – a reason to live (times two).

30th June 2015