Dawn Fraser

Rescue Date

10th January 2014


She’s Our Dawn Fraser!

She won an amazing four gold medals in three successive Olympic Games and she is largely recognized as Australia’s greatest female athlete, but that’s another Dawn Fraser.  Our Dawn Fraser is a diminutive little Muscovy duckling and whilst she has no gold medals to her name, she does boast a track record of touching hearts and is already becoming legendary here at our sanctuary.  Dear Dawn was thoughtlessly given as a birthday present; destined for an impoverished life in a flat, until a kind hearted saviour stepped in and declared this was one false start in life that could never be justified.  And so they set forth to put things right for the downy Dawn, but not before stern words were passed on the inappropriate nature of giving animals as gifts.

And while today our Dawn Fraser is making a splash with her new found friends here at Edgar’s Mission and winning gold in our ducky aquatic centre, sadly not all outcomes for cute fluffy ducklings are as positive.  With so many of these hapless guys and gals being purchased from markets on a whim, surely it is timely to shift our goal from immediate personal gratification to one of kindness for all.  Now that would be an Olympic feat worth diving into!