Rescue Date

16th September 2014


Delightful Delilah, Because all life matters

“But what are you going to do with a blind cow?” This is the question that has been posed time and again since dear little Delilah calf came into our care. And sure, the question has its merits, for the safety and wellbeing of any vision impaired creature, as well as of those working closely with her will need to be carefully considered and planned as this few week old calf continues to grow. However, the real question here is not what we will do with Delilah but rather, “What will Delilah do with her life?” Sure, Delilah is blind, a condition our vet has advised appears to have been present since birth, but she is so many other things too. Delilah is gentle and beautiful. She is precious and she is aware. Right now, she is as vulnerable as any creature could ever be and we work each and every moment to ensure her incredible trust in us is validated. Delilah’s highly attuned senses allow her to enjoy her world; her ears flick back and forth to take in and consider every noise, her keen sense of smell sees her drink in the fresh spring air, the aroma of her formula or the familiar scent of her favourite human’s cheek. She adores a scratch just behind her shoulder and leans into our gentle touch, never wanting it to end. Although Delilah’s steps are cautious, she enjoys playing with her pals, and she has already learned the boundary of her day paddock after a gentle walk around its perimeter. Delilah is clever and inquisitive and she is just as deserving of a life worth living as is each and every creature who passes through our sanctuary gates.

With her carefully considered step and her hesitation to venture too far from those she knows, one can only imagine how dear little Delilah came to be found by the side of the road some weeks ago, before being picked up by the local animal control authority. Born into this world as a ‘beef’ cow, little Delilah’s disability may very well have proven to be her saving grace and thankful are we to have been given the opportunity to provide her with a life that is filled with joy, kindness and happiness.

And while it may have been Delilah who was lost all those weeks ago, perhaps it is our own kind who have truly travelled off course as we continue to view these emotional, sensitive and intelligent creatures as a mere sum of their parts. However, Delilah’s plight and her journey have seen her already touch many hearts in her short time on this earth and with a long happy life ahead of her, we know she will continue to do so for many years to come. Delilah may well be blind but it is through her that we see a better future for us all.