Arrival Date

30th October 2012


Meet Jessie’s Girl!

It doesn’t get much cuter than this! You may remember dear little Jessie Pony, who trotted into our hearts last December after spending much time on the run. Finding sanctuary, unlimited love, trust and kindness at Edgar’s Mission proved not only to be life saving for Jessie, today it also proved to be life giving. A tiny little bundle of black and white cuteness greeted us on our morning rounds and confirmed our suspicions that Jessie’s ever growing belly was more than just a legacy of the good feed she has been receiving.

Motherly love reigns supreme and sees Jessie dutifully protecting her baby and confirms what  common sense, and now science, both tell us; that animals, just like humans, love, protect and seek only the best for their young. We sat, eyes agog, watching the proud mother ushering her baby around the paddock as the many curious non-human neighbours looked on, awaiting their introduction. And as we sat, we pondered; was it good luck or providence that guided Jessie to us. It was in this moment that the name of the young filly came to us – Destiny.