Rescue Date

12th April 2013


Follow the Yellow Brick Road – Meet Dorothy

A chance call of nature for a young girl whilst travelling along a country road unearthed a most interesting find- a tiny newborn lamb. Curious and caring ears were drawn to the feeble cries of the tiny creature and so, pulling at the youngster’s heartstrings, some additional cargo embarked on an adventure not to the Emerald City but to Edgar’s Mission.

We face an uphill battle to save the tiny lamb who we have named Dorothy as given that state in which she was found, it seems certain she did not receive her mother’s life protecting colostrum. But with the courage of a lion, we will use all our collective brainpower and our most heartfelt efforts to ensure the best outcome for little Dorothy.

The endeavours of this one child to make a difference in the life of a creature in need are a testament to the innate goodness of the human heart. Her actions also show that the roads we travel in life are of our own making and that choosing kindness at every fork will certainly head us all to a life truly worth living.