Dr Livingston

Dr Livingstone

Rescue Date

28th March 2014


Dr Livingstone, I presume…

Deep in the jungle Dr Livingstone prowls, exploring a world that is unknown, reaching new frontiers on an expedition like no other. His discoveries are celebrated with those in his midst before he quickly moves on to the next adventure on a quest to conquer new horizons. But this is not Dr Livingstone the world famous explorer, whose work has been immortalised in the history books, no this is Dr Livingstone the rooster, one of the newest arrivals here at Edgar’s Mission. And those who surround him are not travel companions but his new chicken pals who have also recently found sanctuary through our farm gates. A small, talkative and handsome young fellow, reminiscent of the Wild Jungle Fowl, Captain Livingstone has taken to his new digs like… well, like a fowl to the jungle!

Sadly, the lives of many chickens today are far removed from the wild jungles their ancestors once roamed and instead they must live within a society which so often fails them. More and more we are hearing the story of the cute fluffy chicks who morphed into testosterone-charged roosters, were shunned by suburban councils and neighbours to finally, through no fault of their own, find themselves with nowhere to call home. And with hard working pounds and shelters only able to accommodate a limited number of residents, the places for these innocent creatures to go are few and far between. It has been said that our actions today write the history books of tomorrow, so with that in mind, perhaps it is time for mankind to change our backward thinking and to move toward a better, far kinder future. As Dr Livingstone would say, “I am prepared to go anywhere, provided it be forward.”