Edgar Alan Pig

2003 – 2010

Meet Edgar of Edgar’s Mission… Yes, he was a pig and he was the one who started it all!

The story goes…
The arrival of James Cromwell, ‘Farmer Hoggett’ from the hit movie “Babe”, in Australia in May 2003 represented a golden opportunity to highlight the plight of pigs in factory farms. James, a passionate animal activist, readily agreed.  It was decided it would be a good idea to get a photograph of James and a pig.  Great idea, but where do we get a pig from?  An approach to a local children’s farm revealed that if we parted with $150 they would be happy to let James have his photo taken with a pig.

“Pigs!” was uttered and we then had the brilliant idea of “procuring our own pig”. And procure we did from a piggery, a landrace large white cross whom we named Edgar Alan Pig. A sanctuary was then needed to provide lifelong loving care for our porcine star.  So we created such a sanctuary and named it in his honour, Edgar’s Mission and life for all changed forever.  Today literally hundreds of animals lives have been saved due to this humble pig.  Some pig indeed!!!

Edgar’s humble ability to champion the cause of pigs saw him become the first of what is a legacy of activist pigs who now call Edgar’s Mission home.

Life with Edgar bought us face to snout with one of the most maligned animals of our time.  His friendly enthusiasm for life bought much happiness to ours and his intelligence confirmed George Orwell’s’ decision to make pigs rulers of the farmyard. Beyond all this Edgar proved unequivocally that there is much more to pigs than being a ham sandwich!

Sadly, Edgar passed on shortly after his 7th birthday party. He will be missed beyond words but his mission will continue. Please see our Tribute to this very special pig.