Eliza & Emma

Rescue Date

29th August 2010


Our story goes like this, we escaped (with some friends) and rampaged through neighbouring gardens creating mess and mayhem as only pigs can do. We were captured by the local animal control officers and while our fate was uncertain we did manage to capture media attention and that of Edgar’s Mission. But how could Edgar‛s help us in Tasmania? As the story unfolded we were claimed by the farmer who faced several thousands of dollars in restitution for the damage done by the marauding piggies.

Perhaps it was some kind of revenge effort by the recalcitrant pigs for the manner in which
they had been used and the fate the farmer had intended for them. George Orwell chose well when he selected pigs to be the leaders of the farm. Continually impregnated and their babies sold off these mother pigs could endure no more, so trotting to the streets they oinked ‘We’re mad as hell and we aint going to take this anymore’! As fate and luck would have it Edgar’s Mission did come to our rescue! After a most eventful trans Bass Strait crossing the two soon to be mums now called Edgar’s Mission home sweet home, just like they had lived there all their lives.

Did you know that us pigs are really, really smart? We can play computer games and even out perform some chimpanzees in doing so. We quickly learn tasks like coming when called (although sometimes we do choose to ignore this) sitting on command (although we don’t like sitting on cold or uncomfortable surfaces) and hand, or rather trotter shaking (but be warned we are rather choosey who we greet like this). We can even work out how to open our gates and where the feed room is! In other tests we have been taught the meaning of words and phrases and have been able to follow those instructions several years later! Oh and us mums, we love to sing to our babies just like you humans do!