Rescue Date

8th May 2016


Elma, could a lamb be any cuter?

We think not, and neither did her rescuer. Found just shy of the country township of Elmore not long after she had slipped from her mother’s warm womb, the wee lamb was quickly christened the beautiful old-world name of Elma. We do not know what circumstance caused Elma to be separated from her mother and her flock but we do know that had she not been found she would have surely perished. And we do know she desperately wanted to live. However without her mother’s life-enhancing and immune-building colostrum, it was going to be an uphill battle. By the time Elma was surrendered into our care, scours* had set in and the window of opportunity for colostrum gone.

Whilst her critical condition demands our every attention, so too does her adorable little woolly face. The coming weeks will be our judge and jury, and we pray they are merciful and kind, as we aim to present the most persuasive of cases that little Elma should live a long, happy and carefree life. Just as every lamb should.

*scours is life threatening condition for immune compromised lambs whereby infection causes diarrhoea