Rescue Date:

19th December 2005


Faith the much travelled black and white pig is one mighty fine ambassador for porcines. Numerous are the times she has been featured in the media and accustomed she is to the attention generally reserved for the rich and famous, Faith’s nonchalant attitude is a testament to the gregarious nature of pigs.

This busy little madam caused quite a stir when purchased from a livestock market in December of 2005. Reprieved from being a Christmas Roast, the crowd roared with laughter as the puny runt was selected as first preference from the pen by her rescuers and even we had our doubts about her “ambassadorship” as she screamed in protestation all the way home. Yet by the evenings end she was happily sitting on command!

When it came to selecting a name for this new piglet a little voice kept saying “we’ve got to have Faith we can make the world a better place!” and with Faith’s help we can go a long way towards doing so.

Pigs are well noted for their vocalizing, as they are very aware of their companions when out in the field and will keep in touch with little vocalizations, much like a “nff nff” sound, which will in turn be answered. This may well be the reasoning behind the old fashion term for a group of pigs being known as “sounders”.  A young female pig has not produced piglets is known as a “gilt”, while a breeding female is a “sow”, a castrated male is a “barrow”, with adolescent, newly weaned pigs being called “shoats”, suckling young and infants are known as “piglets” and an adult male is a “boar”, although there can never be anything boring about life with pigs!