Rescue Date

26th July 2013


Our Friend Fern

If we didn’t know better, we could have sworn that a memo was issued recently notifying all lost and wayward farm animals looking for a second chance at life that Edgar’s Mission is the place to be; such has been the circumstance of many of our arrivals of late. And on the receiving end of that Memo of Kindness were our friends at the Ferntree Gully Vet, who kindly took in a dear little hen who had been living life on the run. Just how long she had been left to fend for herself was anybody’s guess, however upon feeling the surprisingly skinny frame lying beneath her feathers, it was certain that she had been found just in time.

And so, upon arrival at our sanctuary, with a hearty, nourishing mash in her belly, a warm bed and some good old fashioned TLC administered, the one thing left to do was to find this diminutive hen a name. In honour of our friends at the Ferntree Gully Vet for taking note of our mission of kindness and, quite fittingly, from the Greek origin meaning ‘feather’, we named our new friend Fern and we sure are glad she decided Edgar’s Mission is the place to be!