Florence Nightingoat

Rescue Date

30th December 2013


30th December 2013

Critically ill is Florence. Arriving at the sanctuary just now, unable to stand and barely able to lift her head, our fears are grave. With foul smelling diarrhoea and pitifully thin, the next few hours will be critical. Please keep dear Florence in your thoughts tonight.

31st December 2013

Her name is Florence Nightingoat. She swept into our lives yesterday evening and while her pitiful screams pierced our ears, it was her pathetic state that moved our hearts into action to do everything in our power to save her life. And this morning we have good reason to believe dear little Florence is rallying and that our medications are having effect. Whilst still unable to stand, Florence is eating, albeit slowly, on her own and the fowl smelling diahorrea appears to have been arrested for now. Mother Nature’s sunshine, combined with our own TLC is working overtime right now to help our new friend who is in this dire straight through no fault of her own.

Animals will always remain the greatest test for humankind, for toward them we have the choice to be cruel or to be kind. And it is with these actions that we shape not only their world but also our own. Which world will you choose?

1st January 2014

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single (goat) step

Kicking off our New Year to a great start is dear little Florence Nightingoat. Not only is the wee one gaining much needed weight, she is now able to not only stand on her own but walk. Whilst we are still guarded on her prognosis (for we do not know what, if any organ damage has occurred due to the severe malnutrition she has endured), we are deeply encouraged by her early signs to heed our promise that the most magical life awaits And she has wasted no time letting us know roses are her firm favorite. We sincerely thank you all for your well wishes