Rescue Date

5th June 2015


Friday on my mind…

Little Friday has been heavily on our minds since arriving into our care just over one week ago.  Found beside her dead mother, the young lamb, barely days old, was cold, dehydrated and now all alone in a big hostile world.  But thankfully she was found not by hungry crows, rather a kind heart and she was soon Edgar’s Mission bound.  Alerted ahead to her impending arrival and her ‘really weird eyes’, we knew things were not looking good for Friday.

That Friday was suffering a condition known, as entropion was painfully evident by nasty red ulcers on both of her weeping eyes.  Entropion, in itself is a non-lethal condition where the eyelid/s are turned in causing irritation and abrasions on the cornea (surface of the eye), however this can lead to ulceration and even blindness.  The condition now addressed, warm jacket donned, sweet formula given, company of equally lucky lambs found, now all Friday has to have on her mind is having a grand old time for the rest of her sheepy days!