Genghis Khan

Rescue Date

28th January 2013


While the legendary Genghis Khan rose to fame, power and notoriety early in the thirteenth century- uniting nomadic tribes with their bloody invasions and wholesale massacres across Eurasia in the creation of the Mongol Empire, our Genghis Khan (whilst a touch on the feisty side) only wishes to conquer hearts and minds, causing humans to call off their bloody assault on his brethren.  Found nomadically wandering the streets of Melbourne, our young blonde fearless leader had cause for his bad attitude.  No doubt shunned for his early morning wake up calls, our soon to be new friend had little to crow about as he perched nervously at the local lock up (aka an animal shelter), perhaps aware that he was in fact on death row.  If not for the arrival of Edgar’s Mission on that fateful day to collect another group of animals in trouble, the young Genghis’s plight would not have hit our ears and our hearts.  So, replacing steely hands that would have carried him to an awaiting green needle, it was instead a comfy pet carrier that ferried the plucky Mr Khan to his now heaven on earth.  Sadly, for millions and millions of other roosters, their conquests are few and lives are cut short simply for being born the wrong gender. It would seem then that the legendary Genghis Khan isn’t the only one without a heart.