George Clooney

Rescue Date

4th June 2014


Will you still love me; will you still need me when I’m 64?

Now we know George Clooney can sends heart aflutter around the globe with the mere mention of his name, and he will most certainly be loved and adored when he reaches 64. But for our dear George Clooney, well up until now, that seems to have been a different matter. Ageing at roughly five pig years to one human year, the life span of a pig is short compared to that of humans and it certainly seems that our new friend has many of those years under his ‘wessex saddleback’ belt. You see, sadly for our dear new porcine friend, it seems life of late has seen him on the receiving end of little love or tender kindness, although somewhere in his checkered past we feel they must have been there for our dear George Clooney is one of the friendliest and most affable chaps you could ever meet.

However, down on his luck was George when we first spotted him at a local pound. It seems he had been found aimlessly wandering the streets, looking for a place to call home. Severely underweight and suffering a terrible condition most likely caused by parasites, poor diet and lack of access to a suitable wallow. If these ails were not enough to make our hearts sink, the sight of one of his ever so long tusks curling back and piercing the side of his face most certainly was as we quickly went into overdrive, working out a plan to help dear George Clooney.

There is something quite dignified, admirable, beautiful and endearing about the more senior animals we encounter. Perhaps it is their wise eyes and stoic resolve to soldier on, despite many others casting them aside in favour of cuter, younger and less ‘troublesome’ individuals that touches our hearts so. Tomorrow will bring a brighter day for George Clooney as we whisper into his big hairy ear that he never has to worry about being forgotten or hungry ever again as we will most certainly love him till he is 64 (or more, in pig years of course!).

Please, if ever you see an animal in obvious ill health, tell someone about it – the caregiver, local rangers or the RSPCA. Remember they have no voice to call out for help but they do have you.