Rescue Date

3rd June 2015


Amazing Grace

How sweet the sound of little Grace’s baas as she pleads for her bottle. Something only our dreams once thought possible.  

A fortnight ago a gentle ewe sensing her body was changing moved anxiously about as the tiny life inside of her prepared her passage into the world.  But there was no comfortable stable for her rest, no shelterbelt of trees to seek protection and no soft straw to lie upon; hers was an inhospitable world. One, where she had been reduced to a production machine and her baby, would be a commodity.  A crowded stockcrate?A busy stockyard? We are not sure the exact birthplace of the baby lamb, but we hold grave fears for the sweet ewe who soon became separated from her baby.  What should have been her most joyous day would be her most tumultuous.

With her umbilical cord still dripping blood, and covered in urine and foul smelling excrement, little Grace stood shivering on our vet clinic floor in the early hours of Wednesday 3rd June.  A more heart-wrenching and vulnerable creature would be hard to find. Delivered into our care along with the words, “can you please save this little lamb?” We knew immediately we would have our work cut out for us achieving that lofty goal.  But little did we know that the chances of Grace surviving were in inverse proportion to her determination to live.  And that, along with the aid of life enhancing, immunoglobulin packed colostrum, gentle bathing, and warmth, she is admirably achieving.  All the while captivating the hearts and minds of those who come to know her.

It is in little Grace’s ability to doggedly beat the odds that are so heavily stacked against her kind that we are in awe, and it is for this reason we have declared her truly amazing.