Helen & Bea

Rescue Date

31st August 2010 (Helen) & 17th August 2010 (Bea)


It is estimated that around 20% of all lambs born in Australia die within the first few weeks of life. We are so pleased we were not included in that number but had things panned out without the intervention of a Good Samaritan that would have been the case. Most sheep in Australia, and there are around 71.6 million of us at the moment, (the lowest number there has been for a long long time), live on huge properties with flock sizes over 2,000. As you can imagine it would be impossible to check every single one of them so many of us don’t get the care and attention we really need.

Although not related, little Bea and Helen are totally devoted to one another. Found by a wildlife carer near Healesville, was little Bea, wandering a paddock ‘baaing’ for her dead mum. While little Helen was found by travellers by the side of the Hume Freeway. The sight of two dead ewes and their tiny dead babies brought them to a stop, but it was the tiny and still full of life little Helen wandering along the roadside who pulled at their heart strings. In the middle of nowhere, in a fox prone area Helen’s chances of survival were few and just goes to show sometimes you just get lucky!

Did you know that sheep have emotions just like your domestic pets? That sheep are able to read the facial expressions of humans and other sheep and that they can remember the faces of their buddies even after many months of separation? And that sheep can manipulate their vocal chords in much the same way humans do to make different and specific sounds? While many people think all sheep are, dare we say ‘sheepish’ we hope that once you take the time to get to know us you will realise we are all just as individual as you are.