Herman & Harry

Rescue Date

17th June 2015


When Herman met Harry….

When Herman Lamb met Harry Lamb, he did a little happy dance. Rescued only hours earlier little Harry blinked at the kind world around him, little did he know fate had at last dealt him the sweetest of blows. But it was not without a tinge of sadness. Found trying to suckle from his dead mother, his plight touched the heart of a Good Samaritan who was able to secure his release.

No sooner had Harry donned a warm jacket, downed a bottle of life-enhancing milk and found a place in our hearts, than we heard the words “incoming” and little Harry brought our number of rescued lambs this winter to twelve.

While Harry is more confident and curious, poor little Herman is most terrified and as we hear his heartbreaking cries, we sadly know all too well who he is searching for. And while we can give Herman everything he needs, sadly we cannot be the one he so desperately wants- his mother.

However as we closed the nursery door we spied little Harry, nibbling on Herman’s lamby ear, no doubt whispering the words, “You’re safe now, you’re at Edgar’s Mission.” Alongside his lamby pals, we are sure Herman will be just fine indeed. When Herman met Harry….