Hernando Cortes and Montezuma

Rescue Date

14th November 2013


Building an Empire of Kindness

Now all you history buffs out there will know that things didn’t go too well between the famous Spanish Conquistador, Hernando Cortes and the Aztec Emperor, Montezuma. But we are happy to report a much more cordial arrangement exists between our addictively cute new arrivals, the tri-colored guinea pigs we have aptly christened Hernando Cortes and Montezuma. The duo are aptly named due to the fact that it was the Spaniards who, having obtained guinea pigs from the Inca Indians of Peru, introduced the rodent- like critters to Europe in 1554. And from here they have made their way to many continents around the globe. Also known as cavies, guinea pigs are not related to pigs at all nor do they have any connection to Guinea.

Now our Hernando Cortes and Montezuma did, like their namesakes, find themselves caught in the crossfire of hostility but it was not cavalry or foot soldiers our diminutive two had to fear but fast moving cars and honking traffic. Finding the sanctuary of the footpath provided little comfort as it presented even more perils in the form of boisterous and barking dogs. And it is to a kindly soul they owe their life as they were bundled up and taken to a nearby vet clinic, who then alerted us to their plight.

Touted as great children’s pets, dear little guinea pigs are often dealt a pretty raw deal. With the novelty quickly wearing off, the task of caring for these vulnerable creatures simply becomes too bothersome and they are forgotten, either languishing in substandard conditions, left to breed unchecked or, like our plucky duo, wind up abandoned. Small acts of kindness, such as the timely rescue of Hernando Cortes and Montezuma, where a human is faced with a choice to make a difference in the life of another and chooses kindness over indifference, is certainly one on which an empire could well be built.