Hop-Along Cassidy

Rescue Date

24th November 2013



Surrendered to the local pound and an uncertain fate was dear Hop-Along Cassidy, an excess and inconvenience to his breeders.  How sad it is that so many consider innocent creatures like the sweet and affectionate Hop-Along to be but a means to an end.  Surely the time has come when compassion and common sense should tell us that animals are not chattels that we exchange, return or pass on when the time suits us, but sentient beings who require a lifetime of care and commitment. With this is mind, the breeding of any creature is not something we should do lightly.

But as it happened for dear Hop-Along, he just happened to be in the wrong place at the right time as we were at that very pound to collect the handsome Squawker Texas Rooster and his side kick Cluck Norris and we most certainly had room at our Inn of kindness for a friendly little black bunny.