Jessica Kitten

Rescue Date

28th November 2013


The things we do for love….

Her name should be lucky, but that would be too obvious. Maybe it should be sooty because that was what she was covered in, but the soot is now all gone. Perhaps Bakers Delight would be appropriate because she was found in a bakery. But no, this little kitty is so named after the determined young employee who could no longer bear to hear the pitiful cries of the tiny kitten who had become wedged in an old chimney of a disused oven in a local bakery. With the feeble mews of the tiny feline first being heard on Monday fears were rising her safety. Calls to the fire department set of a change of phone roulette until the Good Samaritan googled animal rescue.

Quickly on the scene one tiny kitty achieved what no one ever has!! Realising the gravity of the situation and overcoming her fears of claustrophobia the Lady in the Hat was reduced to simply the Lady as her hat was tossed to the floor as she doggedly took to the murky dark recess of the soot lined chimney that simply would not accommodate the turning circle of one beloved hat. Emerging triumph with a wee tabby kitten cradled in the palm of one hand a beaming Lady quickly realised her nakedity and was once more the Lady in the Hat. The things we do….

Oh and the kitty’s name is Jessica. And to her we thank sincerely for following her heart.