Jingle, Bells & Mistletoe

Arrival Date

19th December 2012


Joy to the world!

To be born a farm animal more often than not seals one’s fate to be treated as a production unit until your productive life is over, and having fulfilled your purpose a life is cut short way before nature intended.  For a female it typically means your baby/s will be taken away from you after each pregnancy, never to see them again despite the strong bonds between mother and offspring. But every now and then a story of hope emerges, and tonight another happy chapter is added.

Doris was recently surrendered to Edgar’s Mission along with her buddy Humphrey and just moments ago at our sanctuary Doris lay down in a manger and gave birth to three of the luckiest kid goats in the world and best of all Doris will never have to fear her babies will be taken away from her.  Joy to the world…