Jon Bon Pony, Sylvester Stallion, Kevin Coltner and Al Ca-pony

Rescue Date

26th March 2014 (Jon Bon Pony), 9th April 2014


Dances With Hooves….

Throughout history, horses have enchanted our world, their sense of strength, freedom and nobility captivating our dreams and propelling us toward a lifelong love affair with equines.  These majestic creatures ask for nothing, yet they have enriched the lives of humans in so many ways.  How tragic it now is that so many have become a means to an end.  Racehorses discarded when they cannot run fast enough, cherished ponies sent packing because they grow too old and can no longer be ridden, whilst many others are brought into the world simply because someone thought they could make a buck.

And how saddened our hearts became when recently we learnt of the tragic plight of our four new pint sized pony friends.  While their new, happy and quirky names belie a past best forgotten, these names also herald a bright new era for our friends, where they will be valued for who they are, rather than for what can be obtained from them.  And just as their names will make you smile, the transformations of these ponies are too sending the corners of our mouths skyward.  Whilst all four have good reason for their fear of humans, already each one has shown they are as individual as you or I.

Jon Bon Pony, the littlest chap was released into our care last month.  He reminds us each day that size should never be considered a measure of who you are.  He has been joined by the spectacularly coloured Al Ca-pony, a perky little Appaloosa stallion, who really wants to be our friend but has a memory that tells him mankind is not to be trusted.  And yes, we are working on that one.  Then there is the handsome, proud and stocky little chestnut Sylvester Stallion who is probably the most confident and ‘streetwise’ of the four.  And last, but by no means least, is Kevin Coltner, reminiscent of the wild young colts Banjo Paterson once waxed so lyrical about, albeit in a much smaller grey form.  Kevin Coltner, is wild and spirited and clearly human contact (let alone handling) and he have not come together all too often.  But to his credit, he is bravely prepared to give us a go.

While all four of our new arrivals bear the hallmarks of a tough and rugged life, bite marks and blemishes dotting their dull lifeless coats, all hold their life precious. This is something with which we wholeheartedly agree, as we patiently await the day when their collective hooves will dance with the kindness that is Edgar’s Mission.

Footnote to this story – Since their arrival, all four ponies have been treated for parasites and, for their future happiness, wellbeing and safety, have been gelded. If you believe you have what it takes to provide one or more of these deserving boys with their forever home, please contact us via [email protected].