Julius Caesar

Rescue Date

10th February 2013


While history records Julius Caesar as a General, a lawgiver, a statesman and a historian who never lost a war, our Julius Caesar only had one battle to overcome. That was being born a rooster.  And today he proudly crows that he won the battle, but only with a little help from kind hearted humans.  Dumped unceremoniously over the fence at a community garden by some not so kind hearted humans, the handsome Julius quickly endeared himself to one and all.  But alas, his crowing did not. We believe this unmistakeable call of nature was no doubt the reason for his abandonment.  With so few happy and safe homes offered for roosters, Julius looked set to lose more than just his empire.

However, fortunate Julius was that we indeed had room at our Inn of Kindness for the diminutive and affable fellow, who has quickly found a companion in Sizzle, our tiny Frizzle hen.  The two make merry in the secret garden behind the office, Julius delighting us with his magnificent orations. And so, once again, Julius Caesar reigns supreme.