Rescue Date

7th February 2018


Koky: a fortunate one

Under an 18 kg fleece Koky (pronounced Co-key) sweltered, as he had done for the past summer, and several before that. It was not only his heavy wool that caused a burden to the young ram, as a piece of carelessly discarded fencing wire was mercilessly biting its way through his throat. With each painful gulp poor Koky took, he could be forgiven for thinking the world was not a kind place. But little did he know it was about to be.

With his release to Edgar’s Mission secured, Koky was soon relieved both of his fleece and the menacing wire, replaced with a bed of fresh straw, cleansing of his wound and pain relief, and people who instantly fell in love with him and his devilishly handsome good looks.

Koky’s story reminds us all that we are indeed “responsible for what we have tamed”. The wild mouflon, from which Koky and his kind have, throughout the ages, been selectively bred, did fine on their own—navigating rocky terrain, dodging predators and shedding their hair annually according to the seasons. But not so today; they rely on humans for sustenance, shelter and shearing, and failure on any of these fronts oft times proves fatal for animals. That Koky was lucky to be seen for who he really is will remain something for which we and he are forever grateful.