Lady Baa Baa

Rescue Date

13th December 2013


Meet Lady Baa Baa

Saying, ‘bye bye’ to her former life was Lady Baa Baa sheep; arriving recently by way of surrender to a local pound. Although one could be forgiven for thinking we had just opened our barn doors to a rather large and dishevelled version of ‘Cousin It’ for difficult it was to discern top from tail, the result of years of human neglect. And just to complicate and discomfort matters even more was the heavy lice infestation that had driven the poor girl to despair causing her to seek relief the only way she could. Finding low hanging branches and other structures, Lady Baa Baa had rubbed and rubbed at the pesky parasites to the point of damaging her own skin.

But thankfully today our new friend greets the world in a much more comfortable fashion; fleece freshly shorn, parasite treatment administered and a thorough manicure given. Due to human intervention by way of selective breeding, the fleece of today’s modern breeds of ‘wool’ sheep will continue to grow and grow. And as such, it needs to be shorn annually. This is unlike their wild ancestors whose body covering was more hair like and naturally shed each year.

And while it is certain that Lady Baa Baa was not ‘Born this Way,’ animal cruelty and neglect will never leave us with a ‘Poker Face’.