Rescue Date

2nd May 2015


When life gives you lemons, you just gotta make Lemonade

Chirpy, cheery and forever the optimist is little Lemonade. Born with crippled front legs, it is a testament to the little guy’s determination to live that he was even able to suckle the first life-giving colostrum from his mother.  And it is a testament to the goodness of the human heart that a kind soul saw his pitiful struggle (sadly one he was never going to win on his own) and stepped in. Arriving at our sanctuary, Lemonade’s ‘what’s up dudes?’ personality, coupled with his courage in the face of adversity has made him a firm favourite with visitors, volunteers and staff. He loves kisses, cuddles, his bottle of milk and wearing fancy jackets!

Throughout the day, gentle hands cradle and stretch Lemonade’s contorted limbs and it is our great hope and experience that with the combination of this physiotherapy, splints and good nutrition we will witness a happy and active outcome for our little buddy.

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