Rescue Date

8th September 2012


Meet Thin Lizzie!

For those old enough to remember, Thin Lizzie evokes rambunctious thoughts of the hard rock band of the late 60’s and early 70’s. Yet the only rock associated with our Thin Lizzie is the one that metaphorically affixed her to a hard place. That’s right- our Thin Lizzie was stuck between a rock and a hard place when fortuitously found only hours after her birth; her still wet umbilical cord its legacy. The tiny white body, a stark contrast to the crisp, cold and damp grass she lay upon.

At first thought to be dead, Lizzie clung tenaciously to life as around 15 million tiny lambs just like her do each year across our fine brown land. Most succumb to lack of food, lack of shelter or exposure to the elements, but our Lizzie wasn’t about to give up easily. That Lizzie got lucky is a story of hope and a reminder that when confronted with animals in peril those with pure hearts will intervene. Today Lizzie has made pals with Berni, another recently rescued little lamb. While Berni may be bigger in size, Lizzie is bigger and more boisterous in leaps about the kitchen. Their effervescent gamboling never fails to evoke a ‘Luna Park’ smile from all those fortunate enough to witness such innocent joy within our world. And already Lizzie’s personality is bubbling to the surface; she is certainly not backward in letting us know when she is hungry or in want of some play time.

So how long will Lizzie remain thin? Not long indeed for she has already added almost 2kgs in weight in under a week and now weighs in at an impressive 5.9 kgs and by the time she develops at taste for wheety bix treats, Thin Lizzie will be only the name of an almost forgotten rock band.