Loveable Larry

Rescue Date

9th May 2014


Now Larry really is a loveable guy, handsome and sweet and now very protective of his new lady friends. But sadly life wasn’t always so peachy for Larry as it seems the love for him was not forthcoming from the neighbouring household in a tiny rural country town. With a mediation hearing set down to determine Larry’s fate, his loving family knew the writing was on the wall and a new safe forever home was needed for Larry.

What is of great concern to us here at Edgar’s Mission is the fact that all too often we are hearing the words, “Can you take my rooster?” With our ever-growing population of roosters and given the fact that ‘boys will be boys’ we simply cannot respond to every request. So this is where you come in. Please help! Now you do not have to take a rooster into your fold to help these handsome, sensitive and intelligent creatures. All you need to do is think. So many people say they care about animals and would never knowingly cause them harm, yet so many of the choices people make in life are not very kind to animals. Chicken hatching programs in schools cause untold suffering, sometimes even death of the hapless chicks and poor educational outcomes result. For every laying hen, nature dictates that a rooster too will be hatched. As they are unable to produce eggs, there is no happy ever after for them. Sadly millions upon millions are killed within the first day of life once their gender has been revealed.

For the sake of Larry, love life, choose kindness.