Rescue Date

27th August 2012


Who are you calling a devil? Oh, you said a handsome devil? Well then, that would be me!

Hi there, my name is Lucifer and I am a dorper merino cross and gosh, I am a fine looking sheep indeed! (If I do say so myself!) I arrived here at Edgar’s Mission one cold and rainy Winter’s day after a kind person came across me orphaned, missing my mummy and unsure of what my future would hold, and found it within their heart to give me a chance at life. Once I arrived at Edgar’s Mission, I was taken into a warm and cosy stable and quickly forgot all about the storm brewing outside as I was fed with the most delicious and tasty white stuff from a bottle, held by the Lady with the Hat. Once my belly was nice and full, the Lady with the Hat introduced me to my new friends, Alan Marshall and Frank Sinatra, who are lambs like me, and Cuddles, Moon and Sands, who are all baby goats. All six of us are orphans and it was not long before we were all playing together and gamboling about as little lambs and kids do. As the days passed and we began to succumb to the yumminess of wheetbix (as all Edgar’s Mission residents eventually do), we invented a fun new game called ‘Bleat for Wheet’. This is where, if we see one of the humans passing in the distance, we bleat and cry like our bellies have never been full before. Because the humans who surround us now are all so kind, they cannot help but head our way to share a cuddle and, if we are really lucky, a tasty treat. We have them all so well trained.

But my new friends have not only brought out the mischievous devil within me, they have also taught me a lot about friendship and about kindness. You see, my friend Alan Marshall had an even worse start to life than I did. He was born with legs so deformed that it was unknown if he would ever walk. In addition to this, he had a terrible condition which resulted in his eyelashes growing into his eye and again, nobody knew if he would ever be lucky enough to see the sunshine, the grass or the stars. Even though I know I am incredibly good looking, Alan and my friends have shown me that there is a lot more to life than outwardly appearances. Alan and I may look different but inside we are both the same. We both desire love, nourishing food, kindness, a warm bed and a gentle touch. We are both loving, living, feeling creatures who want to live. The very manner in which we have both fought for our lives is proof enough of this. This has taught me that all of the other animals who call Edgar’s Mission home must feel this way too. I had never seen this creature you humans call a ‘pig’ before I came to live here, nor did I know what a ‘cow’ looked like. To be honest with you, I thought they were very big and they scared me a bit. But after getting to know all of my new friends, I have realised that pigs, cows, horses, goats, chickens, turkeys and ducks are all like Alan and I too. And you know what? I could probably say the same about you and me. We may look very different, we may sound very different and we may act very differently at times but deep inside of us both, we are the same. There are so many things that a sheep like me and a human like you have in common- the desire to be cared for when we are ill, the kindness of others and the need to feel safe. And I’ll bet you like wheetbix too!

So, just like Alan, I would love for you and me to be the best of friends so that we can share both our kindness and our devilishly good looks with the world.