Lucky Bunny

Rescue Date

20th December 2012


Meet Lucky Bunny.  With Christmas fast approaching and New Year just around the corner, pounds and animal shelters were quickly filling and had little room for yet another unwanted little white bunny.  With luck fast hopping away, Lucky Bunny’s numbers certainly came up when she just happened to be sitting forlornly at a vet clinic when Edgar’s Mission staffers called to collect a wayward duck.

Friendly, curious and most deserving of a second chance at life was Lucky Bunny; so we determined to give her just that!  Bunnies like Lucky endure so much hardship in our world; they can be factory farmed for food and fibre, have cruel experiments performed on them and people often get them for the novelty factor as pets, with the novelty wearing off long before the rabbit’s life does.

But we can all make the world a kinder place for bunnies; refuse to wear fur, never eat rabbit meat (factory farmed or otherwise), ditch cosmetics and household products that have been tested on animals and don’t take a bunny into your world unless you are prepared to give him or her the life they so richly deserve.