Lucky Phil

Rescue Date

7th February 2014


This is Lucky Phil…

Now Lucky Phil might not look too lucky to you at the moment with his painful ulcerated eye (the result of an embedded grass seed that still remained), severely emaciated and tape worm ridden little body along with several embedded grass seeds that had penetrated his skin and caused pussy abscesses, but he did have the good fortune to catch the gaze of a kindly motorist. Upon seeing the forlorn looking Phil roadside, desperately struggling to cope with the severe heat, our Good Samaritan followed his heart and bundled up the little one seeking out the care and life saving treatment he so urgently needed. While the circumstance of Phil being in the dire straits he was is still most unclear one thing is for certain, had good luck not shone on Phil things would have continued south most rapidly for the hapless little guy. But for now he rests peacefully with Romeo, Nellie and Charity; grass seed removed, soothing ointment administered (only time will tell the extent of damage to the eye), drench given, vitamin therapy commenced and all the love and TLC we can muster on hand. This is indeed one lucky Phil.