Miranda, Irma, Marion, Rosamund, Sara, and Edith

Rescue Date

30th November 2013


It’s no Picnic Being a Turkey

On Saturday 30th of November, six turkeys arrived at our farm with the simple message from their rescuer, “Please save these turkeys, they deserve a chance.”  The rescuer then went on to tell us, through tear- filled eyes, of the melodious sweet chirps made by the curious sextet, of heads gazing around in curiosity, as they made their to their new forever home.  A home in which they will not be surrounded by cranberry sauce or filled with stuffing, but rather one in which kind hearts will spare them from ever being the centre piece of a dinner table.

Turkeys are so much more than simply a meal and indeed they are nothing like the epitome of stupidity our society has caste them to be.  Given the chance they will lead rich and complex lives, they are incredibly social, friendly and intelligent animals but sadly the commercial turkeys of today are so far removed from their wild cousins; they are not even able to mate naturally.  We have also exchanged their gloriously spectacular colours for stark, white plumage, for the sight of tiny black or colored pin feathers (these are the new feathers that haven’t quite erupted through the skin) on a turkey roast are too much of a reminder that the piece of flesh to be consumed was once a living creature.  White pin feathers are less visible once the carcass is ‘dressed’.

And given the bleak time of year this is for our turkey friends, it is not hard to see that life for them is indeed no picnic.  Most turkeys lead short impoverished lives of between 10 – 12 weeks, they only infants when they are killed, yet their overweight and unnatural bodies see them the size of adult birds.  They lack the agility, but not the will to roost and even to fly like their great ancestors who would live to the ripe old age of around 10 years.  But for our new friends Miranda, Irma, Marion, Rosamund, Sara, and Edith will need no enchanted rock to climb upon in order to slip away and escape the circumstance into which we humans have placed them. For here at Edgar’s Mission, they will be a most visible and sterling reminder that with each and every meal we have the opportunity to be cruel or to be kind to an animal and that my friend is a rock on which you can hang.