Arrival date

30th January 2012


On Monday, 30th January 2011, a mother fallow deer and her fawn are struck by a car. The mother, in shielding her young, bears the brunt of the collision which claims her life. The tiny frightened fawn trembles with fear and clings to her dead mother. A passing motorist notices the tiny fawn trying to suckle and does what any caring human being does when it sees another creature in trouble. Reaching out with the hand of human kindness, the tiny fawn is bundled up and taken to the nearest RSPCA animal shelter which was only minutes away in Warrnambool.

The request was made to Edgar’s Mission to provide sanctuary for the little lost soul. Touched by her plight there was no hesitation in opening our hearts and sanctuary to the little fawn we named Lyndsay. Deers are particularly flighty animals and fallow ones the most. Sadly it quickly became evident that Lyndsay had been injured in the collision too. Blood clots in her urine spoke of internal injuries while an abnormality in her left hind leg suggested it too, had suffered some trauma. A veterinary examination found that the blood had most likely come from bruising to the bladder area with the femur suffering a knock but no break. It was felt that with the passage of time, TLC and with Lyndsay’s soft maturing bones, all would resolve well.

Like all young mammals, Lyndsay too, yearned for companionship. A sweet natured little orphan lamb who had recently arrived at the sanctuary stepped up to offer this. Dear little Honey, a rescued damara lamb, quickly played nursemaid to the deer, sitting by her side and nibbling grass. You could almost hear her whisper, ‘you are safe now, you are at Edgar’s Mission’.

It was to our absolute distress that on returning home from rescuing a goat a week later we found dear little Lyndsay had passed from this world and gone to join her mother and a wonderfully handsome pig. Curled up in her little bed she lay with Honey Lamb by her side. What makes her loss doubly sad is that we had been so pleased with her progress, drinking her milk from a bowl, munching on grass and walking peacefully about her stall. Whilst we are unsure of the exact cause of her demise, it may have been some internal injury or the stress brought on from the accident, or perhaps even a broken heart. We do know we showered her with love, kindness and the best of veterinary attention.

Run free dear Lyndsay, run free, we will always love you.