‘Mad Dan’ Morgan

Rescue Date

17th August 2013


Meet ‘Mad Dan’ Morgan and his Big Bang Theory.

While our ‘Mad Dan’ Morgan is not quite as mad as his bushranging namesake, who became infamous for his senseless murdering rampage across Victorian goldfields, he could certainly be forgiven for being a wee bit angry. You see our ‘Mad Dan’ is yet another victim of the ill-conceived chicken hatching programs that are a blight on our current education system. Far from being a benign learning experience, one very important life lesson they fail to teach is that, ‘you remain responsible forever for what you have tamed.’

The essence of chicken hatching programs sees companies hiring out incubators and selling fertilised eggs to schools for students to observe the young chicks emerging. At a project’s end, which is usually around a couple of weeks, chicks are often adopted by students, who have no doubt bonded and fallen in love with them. Sadly many welfare concerns arise through lack of knowledge, inappropriate handling and, as in this case, ‘Mad Dan’ roosters.
Countless are the calls we receive from traumatised parents who are looking down the barrel of having their family’s beloved pet euthanased because their cute fluffy chick has morphed not into gun toting bushranger, but an equally troublesome testosterone-charged rooster. With pounds and shelters already struggling to cope with the number of unwanted cats and dogs in our community, it seems incongruous that we need to add yet another animal into this mix. Nor do we need to teach children that animals are no more than mere teaching aids, who are expendable and who do not require a lifetime of care.

While students may get a short term ‘bang’ out of chicken hatching programs (which do nothing to replicate the natural life cycle of a loving mother hen diligently tending and teaching her chicks), it really it time we consigned them to the dust bin of history and taught our future leaders critical life lessons of empathy and compassion for other beings. Now that certainly could be considered a big bang theory worth investigating!

Help ‘Mad Dan’ Morgan’s anger subside by:

  1. Put down that weapon! Or rather tell schools, aged care facilities and shopping centres who conduct these retrograde activities to lay down their unwitting war against chicks. You can obtain your ‘hatching a good idea’ kit, complete with postcards, stickers and leaflets by emailing us here at Edgar’s Mission [email protected]
  2. Offer chicks a reprieve. If you are in a position to offer a rooster a lifelong loving home please contact us here at Edgar’s Mission or, alternatively, contact your nearest animal shelter. Sadly there is always a rooster or two in need of their special someone.
  3. Give up… Some of your time that is, and volunteer at Edgar’s Mission (or your nearest animal refuge) and help ensure roosters like ‘Mad Dan’ never have a reason to be angry again!

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