Rescue Date

5th November 2013


Magpie- Hitting the Target

We all know that a Magpie is a black and white bird famous for its melodious warbles.  A lesser known use of the word is to describe the outer ring on a rifle target and an even lesser known ‘Magpie’ is the recently christened black and white kid goat who evaded certain death after jumping ship from an abattoir- bound truck.  Dodging traffic, racing down suburban streets, leaping cars (some not too successfully) and finally taking refuge in the carport area of a block of flats, the petrified young boy was determined it was too early for him to leave this mortal coil.  Given his highly adrenalized state, coupled with both the incredible agility and deft turn of speed of goats, it is but a miracle that Magpie’s rescue was one that went off without a hitch.

Several weeks on, he now breathes at a much slower rate as his future has morphed from black to white into full, vibrant colour. This little Magpie has taken his place in our goat herd, where each day the only target practice he partakes in is the jousting duels with his new goatie buddies.  Recalling the first time we set eyes upon the terrified young kid cowering in the darkened corner behind a parked car, we imagine the terror that had engulfed him, the heart pounding loud noises and screaming voices that told him this was not a good place to be, and the fear of being so far from the rangeland that had been his home. We can only imagine that if the roles were reversed, we too would hold the very same emotions.  It is through experiences such as this that we are reminded yet again that kindness toward animals in peril is a target truly worth aiming for.