Mama Goat, Snap, Crackle and Pop

Rescue Date

15th September 2013


Dream a little dream of me 

When you are young, single, pregnant and homeless, your future is most certainly looking bleak at best. And sadly, when your only hope of a happy outcome seems but a good dream away from reality, it would seem only a near miracle could secure your survival. After winding up at an outer suburb’s pound, with the birth of her offspring imminent, the lot of Mama Goat was not looking good. However, a kind worker, whose heart was touched by this sweet and gentle goat and who wished to ensure a better life for her offspring, took action. With no one forthcoming to claim Mama Goat, the call to Edgar’s Mission was made; sealing her fate and that of her babies. And while it was declared that we had some weeks in which we could still safely transport Mama Goat to our sanctuary before she gave birth, a surprise phone call early one Sunday morning told us otherwise. Mama Goat had given birth to three triplets and could we please make the trip to pick them all up and provide the care they required? Of course we could! No question about it!

Upon meeting Mama Goat, we too were taken under her spell. Never before had we met such a gentle goat or doting mother. She was the epitome of kindness, from her very nature to the circumstance of her rescue. And if we were struck by Mama’s love, we were just as struck by her three tiny, Mexican jumping bean inspired babies, who were busy celebrating life, oblivious to just how dire their situation had once been. As we watched them bouncing around in their straw- lined stable on arrival back at Edgar’s Mission, before all tucking to their mother’s nutritious and life– sustaining milk, suddenly we knew just who they were – Snap, Crackle and Pop!

More and more often, we are hearing stories of wayward farmed animals who, whether it be through their sweet nature like Mama Goat, the fact they have clearly never known kindness or simply the sheer hopelessness of their plight, are touching the hearts of those who work on the very last line of defence for these creatures. And sadly, in a world that largely sees farm animals as ‘property’ or ‘production units’, there is often nowhere to turn to ensure their future will be as bright as Mama and her babies’. But as we continue our work, spreading and sharing kindness and changing perceptions about these creatures who have so much more to offer, we will remain buoyed by and grateful for the kindness that saved four precious lives and made one goat’s dream come true. Mama’s story is one of love, of survival and is a beacon of hope. So as you lay your head down to rest tonight, dream a little dream of Mama Goat and be comforted by the knowledge that a kinder way of life is possible