Marco Polo

Rescue Date

2nd February 2014


Marco…… Polo

Do you remember the children’s game Marco Polo?  The child who was ‘it’ would close their eyes and try and tag the other children.  They would do this by calling out ‘Marco’ to which the other children would respond ‘Polo’.  The ‘it’ child would then have to acoustically try and locate and ‘tag’ another child.  They then would become ‘it’ and the game would continue.  Many an hour my sister and I did spend in the neighbour’s pool playing this game with other children.

Now our adorable little Marco Polo is like millions of other pigs who languish on farms throughout the country.  Intelligent, curious and fun loving guys and gals, whose existence the public will be blind to.  But Marco got lucky, for thankfully his cry not only touched the ears but also the heart of the kindly pound worker who made the call to Edgar’s Mission.  Marco, while cautious at first, quickly realised that we were not only the dispensers of kindness but of belly rubs and treats too–did we say pigs are fast learners?  With the bushfires causing us to fast make arrangements for our porcine clan, Marco was added to the brood of Mumma Pig and her eight piglets, with Marco happily mingling into the mix and finding a welcome teat with his name on it.  Mumma was only too happy to oblige!!

Perhaps next time you wish to chow down on a bacon burger or a piece of roast pork, please stop for  a moment, think of Marco Polo and his buddies, wonder about just who they were and you too just may hear the plea of a gentle pig. For it could well be your heart echoing back that it’s about time you did so.  Marco….Polo