Rescue Date

25th June 2015


To the Max!!!

An expression that describes something done with great vigour is ‘to the Max’. And it is an expression that most certainly describes our latest piggy pal, Max. Max by name and max by nature is he—for this is one guy who clearly loves to live life ‘to the max’. Although the first thing you notice about this portly porcine is his ‘maximum’ proportions, it is his personality that is truly ‘to the max’. Enthusiastically greeting us when we arrived at the rural country pound, Max was more than delighted to quickly learn that we too spoke pig. Grunting back to the dear chap sent Max off into deep raucous piggy grunts and even a little piggy dance that clearly showed he was happy ‘to the max’.

An ageing-gracefully boar, Max found himself out of luck and out in the streets in a town that is more famous for its bacon factory than its kindness to pigs. But luckily for Max he had kindness on his side in the form of a kindly volunteer who insisted the call be made to Edgar’s Mission. Despite our pig numbers being—for want of a better word—‘to the max’, we somehow managed to squeeze Max not only into our horse float but also our sanctuary. Suffering a terrible case of mange, Max will have to make do with human company for a while. But for Max, that is fine, because he already loves us to the max, as we do he. You really do have to love a pig with a personality as big as the moon. To Max!!

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