Rescue Date

11th April 2013


Meet Melvin.  Left for dead in a ditch by the side of the road amongst the dead bodies of his companions, little Melvin somehow found the will to survive.  But he couldn’t do it alone.  By some divine intervention a council roadside worker came upon the grizzly scene along the little used road and both lives would change for the better.  Shaking his head in disbelief he caught sight of what he thought was something moving.  Taking a second look, nothing did move, but just as his heavy heart told him to move on a tiny ‘baa’ pierced his soul and he saw the young wether.  “I couldn’t leave the little blighter there could I?” he would later tell.  A severely underweight and recently shorn merino, with infected sores from where he lay, was the lamb that would be named Melvin.  The only movement the poor little chap could muster was to lift his head.  It took the love, kindness and innovation of the worker and his wife to get Melvin on the road to recovery.  Quickly fashioning a sling to keep the resilient Melvin upright would prove livesaving as sheep left on their sides for too long will succumb to bloat, a condition which results in difficulty breathing and often death.

Offering physiotherapy, glucose filled syringes, manual feeding of grass and hay along with all the love the Good Samaritans could muster ,saw Melvin rally.  While it took some days for him to gain the strength to walk again, Melvin would soon befriend the family dogs.  Seeing Melvin happily playing in the yard with their pets caused the line between friend and food to blur.  The couple soon realised that their work was done and a new home was needed for Melvin.  But where? Their hearts sank when they considered that life on farms means an untimely end and a conversion into lamb chops and Sunday roast if you are a sheep.  News of Melvin’s recovery was shared with friends who mentioned Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary.  At first incredulous at the thought a farm could exist that would provide sanctuary and a long and happy life, not only for sheep but all farmed animals, seemed too good to be true.  But that was before they made the trek to Edgar’s Mission.  The tear filled eyes of the wife and beaming smile of the worker will bear testament that Edgar’s Mission indeed changes not only the lives of the animals who are fortunate to find their way to us.

Welcome little Melvin, welcome.

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