Michael Jackson

Rescue Date

28th March 2014


“You Are Not Alone”

These were the words whispered into the ear of our latest porcine pal upon his arrival at Edgar’s Mission. Having found himself in an outer Melbourne pound after being found wandering the streets, life was looking rather bleak for this cheeky chap, however kindness in the pound workers’ hearts saw them work tirelessly to find a happy outcome for this dear creature. A dapper black and white pig, small in stature but with personality to boot, we promptly christened our new friend Michael Jackson as he ‘moonwalked’ his way to a kinder future after stepping through our farm gates.

Unfortunately, it is not a case of “Black or White” when it comes to mankind’s treatment of animals. Despite possessing many of the same traits as the beloved cats and dogs with whom we share our homes, sadly it is often only outwardly appearances that see creatures like Michael excluded from our society’s circle of compassion. However, it is our great belief here at Edgar’s Mission that it is “Human Nature” for us all to be kind and so, with dear creatures like our Michael Jackson touching hearts aplenty, we are sure that for the sake of his species and our own, we will one day “Heal the World”.